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We Are Morcado

Derived from the Spanish meaning for marketplace ('mercado') combined with the word 'mortgage' — we're a marketplace for mortgages.

Bustling with hand-curated, high-yield mortgages, our investment platform allows you to put together a portfolio by selecting mortgages to invest in — while we take care of the behind-the-mortgage details for your seamless experience.

It's an innovative and secure way to access higher interest rates for dependable passive income and build wealth to reach your financial goals.

Unlike a MIC (Mortgage Investment Corporation), you're not investing in a mortgage 'pool' but individual mortgages that you choose based on the background details provided, such as location and credit standing.

We are a Trust company. We built an investment platform.

Morcado Trust recognized that clients would benefit from investment access to mortgages we already manage. So, we built an innovative, syndicated mortgage investment platform to support our clients' wealth-building goals.

Our vetted and fully managed mortgages come with a regular income stream, higher yield potential, and security backed by residential real estate.

We're strengthened by the long-standing, highly effective financial team behind parent company True North Mortgage — a top Canadian mortgage brokerage. And, we've been operational for years in beta mode with a proven performance record and no mortgage losses.

As a Trust company operating in Canada, we're robustly licensed and government-regulated, legally able to act as a custodian to hold and manage assets and invest funds in mortgages on behalf of clients.

Opening doors, building wealth.

We open doors for everyday Canadians like you to invest directly in mortgages without all the hassle of going it on your own. Our purpose is to provide curated access to the stable returns that high-yield mortgages can offer, as they are typically higher than dividend stocks or GICs.

Our investment platform offers a balanced approach to growing your wealth, catering to the 'medium-term' goal horizon in your portfolio.

We value our clients. Which is why we're darn serious about what we do.

We have decades of financial experience in hand, working with both True North Mortgage and THINK Financial, their in-house CMHC-approved lender.

Our track record is proven and excellent. Bringing this mortgage investment platform to Canadian investors is a dream come true for us, the result of hard work and a determination to change the way Canadians think about investing in residential real estate.

The measure of past performance.

For any investments, understanding past performance is crucial for making informed decisions. Here's a snapshot of Morcado Trust's historical performance.

Beta Phase Performance. Morcado Trust has been operational in beta mode for the last three years. During this period, we are proud to report that none of the mortgages administered by us have gone into foreclosure.

Parent Company's Record. Our parent company, True North Mortgage, further reinforces our reliability. Out of a substantial portfolio of 17,000 prime mortgages, only 3 have experienced foreclosure. This speaks to our robust mortgage management and selection process.

Commitment to Stability. These figures highlight our commitment to maintaining a stable and reliable investment platform. We focus on minimizing risks and ensuring the security of investments made through us.

Consideration for Investors. Past performance is an encouraging indication of focus and intent, yet it doesn't necessarily predict future performance. We advise all our investors to consider their investment goals and risk tolerance for financial decisions and goal setting.

More About Morcado

How is Morcado Trust regulated?

Morcado Trust operates with strict adherence to financial regulations and investor protection laws, ensuring that our practices are both ethical and legal. Our compliance framework is multi-faceted and robust, covering both corporate and individual licensing requirements.

  • We're regulated by the Alberta government as a Trust Company. We are subject to stringent oversight and must adhere to the high standards set out in the Loans and Trust Corporations Act. Our operations are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with these standards.
  • Capital Requirements Compliance. We not only meet but exceed the capital requirements set by the regulatory authorities. This adherence demonstrates our financial stability and commitment to operating within the guidelines set for Trust companies.
  • Public Licensing Information. Morcado Trust is publicly listed among the Loan and Trust Corporations registered to operate in Alberta, providing an additional layer of transparency and assurance to our investors.
  • Mortgage Broker Licensing. Several employees of Morcado Trust are licensed as mortgage brokers under the Morcado Mortgage name in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. This individual licensing is crucial to ensure our professionals are qualified and adhere to the specific regulatory requirements of each province.
  • Provincial Regulatory Compliance. In Ontario, we are licensed as a Mortgage Administrator by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), and in Alberta, we are regulated by the Loans and Trust Corporations Act. These provincial licenses ensure we meet the local regulatory standards and operate with the highest level of integrity and professionalism in these regions.

How does Morcado Trust make money?

Morcado's revenue model is intentionally aligned with our investors' success. Our primary revenue comes from a straightforward servicing fee structure:

  1. Servicing Fee. We apply a 1% servicing fee, taken directly from each mortgage payment we collect. These earnings are tied to our efficiency in managing and collecting mortgage payments.
  2. Net Interest Rates. From the mortgage inventory list (viewed on our website and in your Investor Account dashboard once your account is set up), the interest rates you see are net of our servicing fees. This transparency means the returns displayed are exactly what you can expect – no hidden costs or deductions.
  3. Other Borrower Fees. We may also levy fees related to mortgage management on borrowers, in line with industry norms. We act with full transparency — these fees are always clearly communicated.
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