House Rules

The ins and outs of using our mortgage platform.

Once you have your funds transferred to your Investor Account, you can log in and start selecting mortgages from our inventory to begin your investment journey.

Remember, investing in mortgages involves a blend of risks and responsibilities. Understanding these rules helps you make informed decisions on the Morcado platform.

Who can invest in Morcado?

Canadians (as an individual or corporation) with the minimum investment amount can invest with Morcado Trust, assuming all signup requirements are met and appropriate accounts for funds transfer and deposits are set up.

We aim for mortgage investments through the Morcado platform to be an attractive wealth-building opportunity for every stage of investor, from beginners to those closer to retirement.

Mortgage purchase process

Fund Availability Requirement. Please ensure funds are available in your account on the day you request to invest in a mortgage.

Selection and Offer. From your Investor Account, choose a mortgage you'd like to invest in and specify the amount.

Confirmation Timeline. Within 2 business days, you'll receive confirmation of acceptance or rejection of your investment offer. Rejection may be due to a mortgage no longer being available by the time your request goes through.

Investment Approved. Once approved, funds are withdrawn from your account.

Earning interest

You'll start earning interest the day funds are withdrawn from your account.

Changes and cancellations

You can change or cancel your online investment request up to the time it is accepted (or rejected) within your Investor Account.

Once approved, your funds are withdrawn and you are no longer able to make any changes to your investment request.

If your investment request is rejected, you will receive an email with information on why the request was rejected.


Our fees are straightforward, with low annual fees and no trading fees.

There are no hidden fees or charges. Should any charges or additional fees occur in rare circumstances, we clearly and promptly communicate them.

What is the minimum investment amount required?

The minimum investment amount required to participate in mortgage investments through Morcado Trust is currently $10,000 (subject to change). Sign up here to get Morcado updates.

Limits for investing in one mortgage

The Morcado investment platform is designed to diversify your funds amount across multiple mortgages, reducing your risk and offering more balanced returns.

There is a maximum for investing in one mortgage through your Investor Account, which can vary based on your individual investment profile.

For more information, please contact your Mortgage Investment Advisor.

Your monthly instalments (returns)

Mortgage payments are collected by Morcado, and your instalment amount (set at the start of your investment) is deposited into the designated account 5 business days after the borrower's payment has cleared.

Your instalment payments are fixed along with the interest rate for the term of the mortgage. Any Morcado administration or other fees are deducted from the borrower’s regular payments and do not affect your instalments.


Investor Responsibility. Once you invest in a mortgage, it is expected that you will continue to participate in any renewal loan to the borrower.

Buyback Option. The issuer may, but isn't obliged to, buy back the loan from you at the end of the term.

Renewal Interest Rate. The renewal rate is set by the original mortgage issuer (lender) and should be equal to or higher than the current rate.

If the issuer decides to offer a lower renewal rate than your initial investment, the issuer must buy back the loan from you. At this point, your amount will become available again to be reinvested or withdrawn from your Investor Account (registered investment products carry tax implications for withdrawal, depending on the product).

Can more funds be added to your Investor Account later?

Yes, you have the flexibility to add more funds to your Investor Account anytime after the initial investment, allowing you to tailor your investment strategy to your financial goals and preferences. 

Once you have the minimum amount accrued, you can direct these additional funds for investment:

  • For registered accounts, a minimum of $1,000 is required to invest 
  • For non-registered accounts, a minimum of $10,000 is required to invest

Can you reinvest your returns back into mortgages available on the Morcado platform?

For registered Morcado accounts, once you've accumulated $1,000 in returns, we'll send you an email asking if you'd like to invest your returns. If your investment in a particular mortgage becomes available (is paid out or not renewed), you can reinvest your initial investment plus your returns into another mortgage.

For non-registered accounts, your returns are placed into a bank account outside of our system. Additional investment funds can be added at anytime, though a minimum investment amount of $10,000 is required.

Can more funds be added to a particular mortgage later?

Additional funds transferred to your Investor Account can be added to a mortgage you've already invested in, assuming it's still available on our platform and you're within your limit for investing in one mortgage.

Mortgage prepayment

Many of the mortgages listed for investment on the Morcado platform are fully open, which means the borrower can partially or fully repay the mortgage at any time.

Although rare, the possibility exists that some or all of your invested funds will be repaid without notice, which means these funds would become available for reinvestment or withdrawal sooner than expected.

Is there a process for exiting an investment early?

Due to the nature of mortgage investments offered through the Morcado Trust platform, there is typically no process for exiting an investment early.

Mortgage investments are conceived as medium to long-term commitments. Your funds for each mortgage are locked in — for the term, for any renewals, or until it is fully paid out.

It's important to understand that investment in mortgages through our platform may not be suitable for short-term needs or situations where quick access to funds is required. Therefore, we strongly advise our investors not to invest funds that they may need to access suddenly.

Read more about the risks of mortgage investment here

Withdrawing funds from your registered Morcado account

To withdraw available funds from your registered account, you can log into your Investor Account and send an email with your request, including any specific details or instructions you may have. Our dedicated team will respond promptly to outline the steps and help with your process.

Only mortgages in good standing

Morcado Trust does not allow a mortgage that is in arrears or has been in arrears in the past year to be placed on the investment platform.

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