Setting Up Your Investor Account

A personal approach to your direct mortgage investment.

We offer a slight throwback in our setup process — human instead of digital. Investing is a big decision, and we're confident you'll have a great discussion about your mortgage investment goals.

To get started with Morcado, you can access your Investment Advisor's calendar to book a call, who will guide you through your easy and straightforward process.

Here's a quick overview of your account setup process:

  1. Please book a call at a time that works for you and provide some initial info.
  2. Your Investment Advisor will discuss your interest and gather further details.
  3. You'll be asked to fill out a brief investor questionnaire. This form helps us understand your investment suitability, preferences and goals, ensuring we can provide tailored investment opportunities.
  4. Please provide 2 forms of identification, as directed by your Investment Advisor.
  5. An Investor Account will be opened for you so that the process of transferring funds for investment can begin. Read our platform rules here.
  6. You'll also need to sign an agreement and any account transfer authorizations required to handle the funds.
  7. Once your money is transferred to your Morcado Investor Account, you can log in and select mortgages for investment.
Start earning passive income today.

Book a time that works for you. An Investment Advisor will help you set up your account.

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